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Welcome!  There are many reasons why a person seeks out support from a therapist. Depression, anxiety, a traumatic experience, or loss are just a few of the things that often bring someone right here--looking to feel better and heal.  Whatever led you here, know that you’ve taken a great step and we are here to help.

At Stell Psychotherapy we provide culturally-sensitive and trauma-informed virtual tele-therapy across the states of Connecticut, New York, and Colorado using a secure and HIPPA compliant platform.  We utilize evidence-based treatments to support adults experiencing a variety of emotional and relationship-based difficulties.  We believe that the core foundation of meaningful therapeutic work is the development of a trusting and authentic relationship between you and your therapist that is achieved through collaboration, compassion, empathy, and humor.  







“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

- Brené Brown

Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe in the inner strength and wisdom that exists within each of us.  You know yourself better than anyone else.  Let us help you reconnect with yourself, your inner strengths, and reclaim your energy to focus on what truly matters!  We utilize a holistic and multidimensional approach to treat you as a complete person—mind, body, and spirit.  Through therapy we aim to harness your expertise of yourself and focus on what works to bring you relief today and improve tomorrow

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Holding Hands

Providing Virtual Therapy Across Connecticut, New York, and Colorado.

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